Performing & Partying

Teachers & Pros / Friday Show

The Friday show takes place in the beautiful Camp Cavell Lodge on Friday evening. The show features past, present, and future Sacred Circles teachers.

Admission to the show is inlcuded in the Sacred Circles All-inclusive Weekend Pass and Guest Pass. Depending on the number of registered guests, a very small number of seats may become available as the event approaches. Watch our Facebook page for more information.

Hafla / Saturday Party!

The Hafla will begin with a performance by ATS® Sister & Brother Studios followed by performers who have asked to perform and it will be a semi-formal arrangement. We'll have the order set shortly before show time and will announce performers as they take the stage.

Sometime during the show, live musicians will take the stage and invite everyone who wants to dance to do so. We'll talk through the logistics of this at the Hafla.

Finally, we'll end the night with a rowdy performance for the ATS® Flash Mob followed by more live music in the lodge and a cozy fire outside by the picnic pavillion.

Registering to Perform

If you are an ATS® Sister or Brother Studio and would like to open the Sacred Circles Hafla on Saturday night, please contact Krisztina via our our Contact page to let us know after you've registered for the event.

If you or your troupe would like to perform in the Sacred Circles 2022 Hafla, please use our Hafla Registration page to let us know after you've registered for the event.

Live Music

If you perform with live musicians, we ask that you limit your set to about 8 minutes in length.

Recorded Music

If you perform to recorded music, we ask that you limit it to about 4 minutes in length for a solo performance or 6 minutes in length for a group performance. We also need the music at least one week before Sacred Circles begins. We'll contact you with information about how to get that to us after you register.

Exception to Pre-Registered Performers

We hope you meet other dancers at Sacred Circles, dance together, and become lifelong friends. That's why Krisztina created this event. ATS® is a great format in part because it enables people who've never danced together before to do so with literally a moment's notice.

To encourage you to join with new friends in dance, if you've met other dancers at Sacred Circles and would like to perform together at the Hafla, let us know by Saturday afternoon and we'll add you to the line-up. We can take recorded music for this type of performance on CD or any device that supports a headphone jack, or we can put you in touch with musicians attending the event who would love to play for your performance.

Come on out!

Watch amazing dancers & enjoy the festivities.