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Carrie Meyer / The Dancers Eye

Hi all! The Dancers Eye - Fine Art Bellydance Photography is super excited to be joining you at Sacred Circles in 2017! I will be offering photo sessions and shooting performances, more information will be released at the beginning of the year. I can't wait!!!!

About Carrie, The Dancers Eye:

Dancers Eye @ SC17

Carrie Meyer, Photographer/The Dancers Eye, has had an interest in cameras and photography from a very young age, when her parents first allowed her to experiment with several of their cameras. She fondly remembers her first Kodak Instamatic, and the variety of fun shots she was able to capture with it. Carrie began bellydancing in 2001, after losing 100 pounds. She sought to find a workout that would inspire her to keep the weight off, while not being tied to the gym.

Little did she know at the time that this was just the beginning of a love affair with dance that has now spanned a well over decade for her. In this period of time, she has studied American Cabaret, ATS and Fusion, and has danced in groups that have featured all these styles. Carrie is currently doing further studies in traditional Egyptian dance and has actively danced in several St. Louis based performing groups for over 18 years.

Regardless of the photographic subject matter, Carrie’s work shares certain commonalities. The clarity of the images represented, thoughtful composition, and the meaning of the moments in time that she captures characterize her work. The foundation of her work builds out from the strength and power of the basic images, and the personality, of her subjects.

Having married her love of bellydance with her love of photography, Carrie offers her dancer subjects a unique opportunity to work with an artist who truly understands the dance, and how dancers want themselves to be portrayed.

Carrie's work has been featured on the covers of Fuse, Jareeda and Zagareet and in the pages of Yallah, among other publications. Carrie is also a Staff Member for the Belly Dance Business Academy. You can find more of Carrie’s work on The Dancers Eye Facebook page or at

For more information about scheduling a shoot during Sacred Circles, please click here.

Carrie Meyer, Photographer

Insomniac Studios -

The Dancers Eye-Fine Bellydance Photography -

WendyBeth Creations / Uniquely Beautiful, Just like You!

WendyBeth Creations

In 2008, WendyBeth started making hair ornaments, which have been featured on Tina Rena Model under Elegant Art & Fantasty and Beauty Shots. She developed a passion for working with silk flowers while very young. When she was a child, her mom used to do flowers for weddings and she would 'help' her. Since then she has always enjoyed working with silk flowers. In 1995, she designed my first floral hair accessory for her junior prom using live flowers.

WendyBeth has over 25 years of art and design experience with over 20 years of sewing experience. At this point she designs her own sewing patterns because it's just easier than trying to find a pre-made pattern that fits right or try to adjust one. For the last 10 years WendyBeth has been in love with reusing/re-purposing clothing that she loves that either have been damaged, doesn't fit or she have out grown the style...

You can also find WendyBeth Creations on Facebook and Etsy.

Massage / with Carrie


Carrie Noteboom is an honors graduate from Baker College of Clinton Township in Therapeutic Massage. She is a certified and licensed/State of Michigan Massage Therapist since 2011. Carrie is a 44 year old single mother with 16 year old identical twin daughters. She specializes in Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage along with Trigger Point Therapy. She is also pursuing her certification in becoming a Reiki Master in Energy Healing. These modalities can improve overall energy, physical health and emotional wellness. She enjoys working one on one with her clientele to help improve health conditions, relieve stress, anxiety and pain, and stabilize mood.

Carrie's goal is to have her clients leave their session feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and eased of pain. Improving health conditions and promoting long term health care is her main objective in all sessions. She enjoys working with all clients... whether you are seeking long term care or just a relaxation massage... she loves meeting and working with new clients. She looks forward to booking an appointment with you soon!

To review the massage booking schedule for Sacred Circles 2017, please visit our Massage Schedule page.

Attention Vendors! If you would like to be considered for a vending table at Sacred Circles, please contact Krisztina using our contact form.

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