Dancing, Drumming, and Make-Up

This Year's Workshops / What you'll learn

Sculpt Your Steps
Carolena & Megha

Look inside your steps and see how they work. Then, understand how to add shape, angles and motion. Using the playground of anchor and release we'll explore your favorite steps.

This class qualifies for ATS® SSCE Certification.

Energetic Flow Through Slow
Carolena & Megha

One of the things that makes slow ATS® so beautiful is the constant energetic flow between movements. This class will focus on generating the energy to make your slow moves shine with intensity and keeping that energy flowing as you string the steps into a mesmerizing dance.

This class qualifies for ATS® SSCE Certification.

Formations and Transitions that Work
Carolena & Megha

Group presentations are strengthened by solid formations, where each dancer knows their position and can quickly and easily respond to cues from the leader. These formations morph, changing shape and size as the performance progresses. In this workshop, Carolena will discuss the fine points of ATS® formations, giving insight into the positions, sight lines and placement. She will discuss the importance of clear and exciting transitions between formations, and also include transitions between dancers and between moves, including what your feet are doing under your skirt.

This class qualifies for ATS® SSCE Certification.

Use Your Inspiration Wisely & Picky Technique
Carolena & Megha

Use Your Inspiration Wisely (1 hour)
Steps developed by Megha to fit with the FCBD® format and how to make it work. Resham-ka, Sunanda, Water Pot and Double Back.

*Dancers should know the basics of Shimmy, Arabic Basic, Egyptian Basic, Pivot Bumps and Choo-choos.

Picky Technique (2 hours)
YOU decide the content of this workshop. All participants will have the opportunity to vote on the steps that Carolena teaches for this "deep dive" into technique. You will select the steps, Carolena will drill down into what makes the step amazing. This is your chance to have your specific and picky questions answered. We will send out a form to vote to all registered the first of August and will announce the steps with the most votes first of September.

This class qualifies for ATS® SSCE Certification.

ATS® Basics
Virginia Hojas

Whether you need to re-introduce yourself to American Tribal Style® or want to reinforce your basics with dancers you might not have ever met, this is the perfect class.

This class qualifies for ATS® SSCE Certification.

The Dancer Lottery
Jen McDonald

Hit the stage with team energy and connection!

Enjoy an action packed workshop with the troupe chorus! Learn to creatively and cleanly cue your team on and off stage with a variety of fun structures, such as Kaboom, Spiral, Book Ends, and The Pillars of Chorus. Adapt these skills easily to fit within your own teams group structures! It a wonderful thing to have the ability to cue your whole way through a set! No pre-staging, no choreography, just turn on the music and go!

Kaboom is used in both fast and slow and takes the standard on/off used in ATS® and adds a clear cue and some structure.

Spiral is a tribute to the old days of Busby Berkeley and the first overhead camera shot added to dance numbers. This one is used in fast vocab, is really fun to create, and adds beautiful motion for the audience to enjoy.

Book Ends & Pillars of Chorus are variations that can be played with in a variety of ways, from a lovely dramatic entrance to a fun way of creating a Quartet/Dueling Duet!

All of these group structures work within the existing ATS® format, utilizing the "happy hour" concept in exciting ways. The chorus is actively engaged the whole performance, knowing that at any minute a cue to exchange could happen.

There is never a dull moment!

Dancing in Flow™

Dancing in Flow™ was created by Carolena Nericcio-Bohlman with the class format of "all dance, no talk."

No verbal instruction, no partners or formations, just follow along and bliss out or you just want to dance without thinking.

Dancing in Flow® is a one hour class of ATS® Goodness divided into 4 fifteen minute segments with a silent water break every 15 min. Come dance. Come smile. Come Flow.

Tuck It In Your Tassel Belt - Extreme Combos

Learn how to build exciting, dynamic combos within families and how to seamlessly transition between them in this fast-paced workshop that will keep you on your toes. (intermediate/advanced)
Bonus! All of these combos can also be done in the Work that Skirt movement dialect.

This class qualifies for ATS® SSCE Certification.

A Hair or Make-Up Class TBD
Richard Harper

We don't yet know what Richard will teach, but we do know it will be an incredible, informative class that will help you look your best on stage and off. About 90 days before the event, we'll send out a survey asking attendees to pick one of a variety of classes which might focus on hair, lips, eyes, cheeks, etc.

Beginning Middle Eastern Drumming
Rune Palland

This class will cover the basics of Middle Eastern drumming, including the basic sounds and playing techniques on the doumbek, two beginning rhythms, and some warm-ups and exercises. We will also go over some tips on getting the most out of practice time. Although this class is targeted at beginning drummers the class will be tailored for the skill levels of the drummers attending - drummers at all levels are encouraged to attend.

There will be several extra drums in the event some participants do not have a drum but everyone is strongly encouraged to bring a drum if they have one.

Intermediate / Advanced Middle Eastern Drumming
Rune Palland

This class will briefly review the basics of Middle Eastern drumming and will then introduce several new playing techniques on the doumbek, some new rhythms, and some variations on the rhythms covered in the beginning class. Time will also be spent covering additional drills and there will be a short discussion on the importance of good practice habits.

There will be several extra drums in the event some participants do not have a drum but everyone is strongly encouraged to bring a drum if they have one.

Join us!

Enhance your dancing, drumming, and make-up atistry!