Sacred Circles

Tribal Dance Retreat / October 6-9, 2022


At Sacred Circles, you'll learn from respected, experienced, ATT certified ATS® instructors.


Take in the amazing autumn colors in our wooded campground or the beautiful beach of Lake Huron.


Enjoy the company of the kindest, most fun dancers in the Midwest and Southern Ontario.


Why Sacred Circles?

At Sacred Circles, you can receive at least 10 hours of instruction with ATS® ATT Certified instructors, including at least 8 with FCBD® teachers. We also have a hair or stage make-up class with a talented artist who's worked professionally on Broadway and an amazing Middle Eastern drumming teacher.

Sacred Circles takes place in October at Camp Cavell, a beautiful campground in the woods and right on the shore of Lake Huron. Our event begins as Autumn paints the leaves around the campground warm oranges, reds, and yellows. Eagles often fly overhead. The lake seems to extend forever beyond the beach. Our classroom is a huge log-built lodge with a wonderful hardwood floor. It's all quite stunning to behold.

Getting proper nutrition is essential during a weekend as intense as one at Sacred Circles. But the food has to taste good and be fun, too. We've spent years refining our menu with the Camp Cavell kitchen staff to ensure every meal is delicious, home-cooked, wholesome, and nutritious.

While this might sound a bit cliché, it really is the dancers who join us that make the event fantastic. Yes, we learn and eat and dance. But more than that, we hang out with each other and get to know each other. As a group, Tribal dancers are compassionate and passionate, kind and quirky, dedicated and fun, and that all adds up to a wonderful group of people to spend a long weekend with!

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