We need your real name here, first and last, to ensure campground security will let you into the campground.
Camp Kits contain a sleeping bag, pillow, pillow case, and 3 each bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth. Limited quantities are available. Please only rent one of these if you are flying.
Workshop Pass is all-inclusive: food, lodging, shows, and all classes. Vendor Pass includes food, lodging, and shows but no classes.
One shirt is included with with each pass. Each extra shirt costs $25 ($22 cash discount).
Hoodies are black with a full metal front zipper and the event logo on the back. Each hoodie costs $65 ($60 cash discount).
Hoodies are unisex (men's) and therefore will run a little large for the ladies.
One vendor space is provided with your vendor registration. Each vendor space can be for a table or rack. There is a nominal fee for each additional vendor space.
Registering as a vendor is not a guarantee that you will be accepted as a vendor. Priority is given to previous vendors. All others will be given space based on offerings and availability.
It's usually easiest to use your troupe or group name here.
Tick if you are vegetarian or vegan so we can feed you correctly!
Please list any food allergies you have so we can feed you safely!
"Unless otherwise indicated, event purchases are refundable with a $30 fee until July 31 of the event year. No refunds are possible after July 31 of the event year. Registrations may be transferred to others; you're responsible for the financial arrangements. Please let us know who is taking your place.