Dancing, Drumming, and Make-Up

This Year's Workshops / What you'll learn

Dancing in Flow™

Dancing in Flow™ was created by Carolena Nericcio with the class format of "all dance, no talk."

No verbal instruction, no partners or formations, just follow along and bliss out or you just want to dance without thinking.

Dancing in Flow® is a one hour class of ATS® Goodness divided into 4 fifteen minute segments with a silent water break every 15 min. Come dance. Come smile. Come Flow.

A Hair or Make-Up Class TBD
Richard Harper

We don’t yet know what Richard will teach, but we do know it will be an incredible, informative class that will help you look your best on stage and off. About 90 days before the event, we’ll send out a survey asking attendees to pick one of a variety of classes which might focus on hair, lips, eyes, cheeks, etc.

Got a Drummer? Got a Set!
Jeana & Adam

If you have a drummer who can play basic Middle Eastern rhythms and an ATS® group that has learned our format, you can have a one-sentence conversation that will facilitate an entire improvised performance to live improvised music. This format uses a pre-performance verbal agreement, and simple verbal and non-verbal cues that work within the existing ATS® vocabulary, to make sure everybody is on the same page and able to dance and drum together with seamless transitions between slow and fast music. Even beginner ATS® dancers can learn this format and start to dance it immediately.

Painting the Music
Wendy & Sandi

Any good art piece can have many elements to intrigue and direct the viewer’s eyes - contrasts, content, mood, lines, shapes, color, and movement. This is also reflected in dance. We want the audience to “see” the music and be directed by our motions to understand the music. In order to do this, we must know the music so that we can react to it using ATS® improv. We will choose a couple of songs to learn and present and work in these creative elements. This is an intermediate level workshop aimed at those who are at or nearing performance level.

You're in the ARMy now!
Wendy & Sandi

Arm placement is a very important part of ATS®. They provide framing for our head and body, they send cues to our fellow dancers and they express much of the energy of the dance. We will examine arm placement, in depth, for slow and fast movements with some fun exercises! This workshop will help define slow arm technique and placement for clear cues. This workshop is open to all levels, but is helpful to know the ATS® Level 1 material and basic lead/follow concepts.

The Intent of the Eye
Wendy & Sandi

To get really good at improvisation, you need to be able to read a person’s body language within an instant and react accordingly. Eye contact can also communicate a plethora of information. In this workshop, we will work on some really old FCBD® warm-ups, drills and concepts in ATS® that will hone our non-verbal communication even more so than we do now. Then, get ready to use our skills for the exciting 1-2-3 Pick-Up concept for creating variety within a song, or even a set! The beginner can benefit from this class, but is best utilized by the intermediate to advanced dancer who is approaching performance level.

Point A to Point B
Wendy & Sandi

Learn how to gracefully transition from one movement to the next by examining helpful foot placement between many of the new and classic ATS® moves, as well as finding these remedies in your own experiments. Bring us your challenges and we’ll help smooth them out! The skill level will range from secondary to advanced movements, so it is helpful to have a basic understanding of Vol. 4, 7, & 9 material.

FCBD® Style with Candles

Add a level of sultry, mesmerizing movement to your dramatic slow performances. Utilizing the slow FCBD® vocabulary, plus a few Czigany dialect steps, you will learn how to add candles to your repertoire.

Note: We will be using artificial flame candles in class. I have enough for everyone to use, but if you have favorite votive holders you would like to practice with, you can bring those to class. Make sure not to use fragile glass candle holders; if they fall as they will shatter on the hardwood floor of the lodge. We also cannot use real flame in the lodge.

Join us!

Enhance your dancing, drumming, and make-up atistry!