Dancing, Drumming, and Make-Up

This Year's Workshops / What you'll learn

Manton Piano Shawls for FCBD® Style
Devi Mamak

The Manton Piano Shawl is a beautiful prop used in traditional Flamenco dance. Devi has adapted the use of the piano shawl so that it is possible to use within FCBD® style.

Devi will take you through step by step on how to manoeuvre and wrap the body with the Manton shawl as well as various combinations, spins and turns that will give you the tools for a spectacular and fun prop to use for your next performance piece. Please bring a large Piano shawl or similar large piece of fabric such as a heavy sarong.

FCBD® Drum Solo
Devi Mamak

FCBD® drum solo sounds like a contradiction in terms but it's effective and fun if you know how. This workshop will be all about interpreting the music and having the freedom to change from one movement to the next without having to cue your steps or thinking of the group as a whole. We will also look at engaging with the audience and using your space differently as a soloist . We will then put this together in a short drill choreography to demonstrate each topic covered. Hand outs of the choreography will be available.

Movement dialect by Caravan dance company (formerly Ghawazi Caravan) - Part 1
Devi Mamak

In this workshop come and learn some of Caravan dance companies brand new movement dialect for FCBD®. This workshop has plenty of Devi's elegant stylisations that Devi and CDC are known for as well as their latest fun and upbeat combinations. All new material is suitable with your pre existing FCBD® vocabulary.

Movement dialect by Caravan dance company (formerly Ghawazi Caravan) - Part 2
Devi Mamak

In this workshop we will expand on what we have learnt in Part 1 and utilise these movement dialect steps into new, fun and creative variations. Bring your dance friends with you to this workshops where we will explore new concepts in moving around each other and formations.

The Sampler Platter: A Taste of Tessera Dance FCBDStyle® Movement Dialect
Jesse Stanbridge

In Tessera Tribal, we think of FCBDStyle® as food for our souls-and we love to play with our food! Whether it's Hot Cross Buns, Pop Tart, or the Do-Si-Donut, our guiding principle is exploring what can be done with what's already on the FCBDStyle® menu. Join us for a sampler platter of FCBDStyle® Movement Dialect to taste the flavors that make our dialect distinct.

Target Audience: Intermediate to Advanced

Vocabulary: Strong working knowledge of Volumes 1-4, 7 & 9

Dancing in Flow™

Dancing in Flow™ was created by Carolena Nericcio with the class format of "all dance, no talk."

No verbal instruction, no partners or formations, just follow along and bliss out or you just want to dance without thinking.

Dancing in Flow® is a one hour class of ATS® Goodness divided into 4 fifteen minute segments with a silent water break every 15 min. Come dance. Come smile. Come Flow.

A Hair or Make-Up Class TBD
Richard Harper

We don’t yet know what Richard will teach, but we do know it will be an incredible, informative class that will help you look your best on stage and off. About 90 days before the event, we’ll send out a survey asking attendees to pick one of a variety of classes which might focus on hair, lips, eyes, cheeks, etc.

Czigany Stylizations

Learn some fun new Czigany Movement Dialect steps that have been developed through many years of dancing and fit nicely into the existing ATS®/FCBD Style vocabulary: The Clean Sweep Turn, Reverse Pivot, Double Wave Turn, Slide Hook Turn, Cross Step Turn. We will go over the basic steps plus how to put them into formations, duet passing, turning the wheel, and The Shell Game pattern in a Trio. Bonus, these steps have adaptations to use with many props including the Work that Skirt dialect. (we will go over these if time allows)

Appropriate for all levels of dancers.

Join us!

Enhance your dancing, drumming, and make-up atistry!