FCBD® Drum Solo Recap & Performance Preparation

with Devi

If you came along to Devi's workshop last year: FCBD® Drum Solo, then you will know how much fun we all had! If you didn't well come along for a recap.

We will be spending some time going over this choreography again but also spending time working out positioning and working with live drummers so we can perform this on the Saturday night all together!

Flamenco Inspirations

with Devi

Devi is known for her contribution to the flamenco stylisations within FCBD® format which are now performed world wide. In this workshop we will look at the subtle nuances of much loved steps such as the triangle step and Drama queen but also explore new variations and combinations to add to your flamenco inspired FCBD® vocabulary.

Indian-Inspired Combination for FCBD® Style

with Devi

In this workshop, Devi will share with you some of her brand new Indian inspired combinations suitable for FCBD® Style or fusion bellydance. By injecting some of these new combinations into your next performance you'll be able to explore new music choices for a more diverse show whilst still keeping to the look and stylisation of FCBD® style.

Zills & Musicality

with Devi

Devi will lead you through the Middle Eastern rhythms and time signatures used in ATS®. She will then use her background as a Classically trained pianist, composer and teacher so you can better understand time signatures and accents. From there we will look at this in relation to zilling. Devi will then prescribe you a short but effective daily zill drill movement choreography (complete with handouts) using ATS® steps and combinations, incorporating zill patterns that you will learn in this workshop. You will be moving from one zill pattern to the next with ease in no time!

FCBD® Style Foundations

with Krisztina

 Learn or review all the FCBD® Style basic steps and concepts. Ideal for  beginning dancers and those new to this dance style through intermediate/advanced dancers wanting a refresher.  We will go over the four basic fast steps, the basic slow vocabulary, basic formations, triple zill pattern, and of course, Krisztina's favorite topics, posture and arms.  The perfect way to start off your weekend of dancing.   

Dancing in Flow™

with Valizan

Dancing in Flow™ was created by Carolena Nericcio with the class format of "all dance, no talk."

No verbal instruction, no partners or formations, just follow along and bliss out or you just want to dance without thinking.

Dancing in Flow™ is a one hour class of ATS® Goodness divided into four, 15-minute segments with a silent water break every 15 minutes. Come dance. Come smile. Come Flow.

Formations: Beyond The Quartet!

with Valizan

Move beyond the standard standard formations. Add play as a dynamic to your dance by cueing into shapes that allow for larger groups.

We all know the quartet, trio, duet formations, but how about a Chevron? How about adding a Blossom to Box Step? How about Two Lines? Fresh formations are like shiny new diamond earrings: they add sparkle to your beautiful performance!

A Hair or Makeup Class TBD

with Richard

We don’t yet know what Richard will teach, but we do know it will be an incredible, informative class that will help you look your best on stage and off. About 90 days before the event, we’ll send out a survey asking attendees to pick one of a variety of classes which might focus on hair, lips, eyes, cheeks, etc.